[Mailman-Users] Hijacking threads and netiquette (was: e: Obscure addresses problem)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Sep 5 22:31:36 CEST 2006

At 2:58 PM -0500 2006-09-05, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:

>  Same Firefox version I have.  Mailman 2.1.6, though (Dreamhost.com's
>  installation, not under my control).

Ahh.  In which case, you should also see FAQ 1.32, and be aware that 
Dreamhost.com may well have made some localized modifications -- 
perhaps not as bad as cPanel, Plesk, or Apple, but still non-standard 

>                                         I had the same thing happening
>  on my previous Mailman installation, though, which was whatever debian
>  sarge is at -- seems to be 2.1.5.

Whose package were you using?  Do you know if they made any modifications?

>  I find I have mis-described the problem; Firefox *does* recognize the
>  password and save it, I can see it in the list of saved passwords.
>  What it doesn't do is *offer it back* when I return to the page.  Same
>  net result, I have to look it up and put it in each time, but
>  different path to get there.

I don't understand why Firefox, Opera, and all the other browsers you 
have used have acted in the same way, and why others don't seem to be 
having the same problems when using the same browsers.

But given this additional information, this most definitely seems to 
be a pure browser issue to me, and not a problem with Mailman.

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