[Mailman-Users] Subject Line on Invite Messages

Jimmy.do at omicron-lab.com Jimmy.do at omicron-lab.com
Tue Sep 5 23:20:51 CEST 2006

Hi, Does the VERP_CONFIRMATIONS = Yes only works on certain version of
Mailman? We have Mailman version 2.1.1-5, Python 3.0.4-0.1, and Qmail
(1.03-rhel3) and have set the setting as suggested; but we are still getting
the generic subject line for list subscription confirmation email.
Jimmy Do 
12 Greenway Plaza, suite 1510 
Houston, TX 77046 
713-830-4660 x108 
At 20:38 -0700 7/22/04, Mark Sapiro wrote: 
>Toby Reiter wrote: 
>>This has been asked here before, but is there any way to modify the 
>>Subject of the invite message? "confirm 
>>aad5624d316c46234928426cb4a6c57c691d0e7c" is a DEAD WRINGER for spam, 
>>and is likely to be deleted by many of our users. I don't want to be 
>>a bad net citizen and automatically subscribe users to this list, but 
>>the majority of the people who receive the invitation will want to 
>>join (it's for health services trainings through a non-profit they've 
>>already done trainings with, working with the CDC, etc.). But I fear 
>>many will miss out on this invitation for a list they really want to 
>>be on, thinking the message is spam. If the message had a welcome 
>>text, like "An Invitation to Join the Foo List" I think people would 
>>probably read it. 
>in mm_cfg.py. 

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