[Mailman-Users] Config_list doesn't copy the "Public HTML Pages"

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Sep 6 00:07:48 CEST 2006

At 5:41 PM -0400 2006-09-05, Ken Winter wrote:

>  The config_list utility doesn't include the "public HTML pages" (most
>  importantly for me, the "General List Information Page") as part of the
>  configuration that it copies from one list to another.  Since I have
>  drastically customized my List Info Page, this rather impedes
>  cloning my lists.

So far as I know, the config_list tool only captures those items 
which are stored in the Python pickle which contains what Mailman 
thinks of as the list configuration items.  This specifically does 
not include any customized HTML templates, or any other modifications 
which are not reflected in the Python pickle.

>  1. Is there some way to get config_list to do this?

Not that I know of, at least not without making source-code level 
changes to the tool.

>  2. If not, is there some other utility that does it?

Not that I know of.

>  3. If not, is there some easier way to do it than opening the "source" and
>  "target" lists in the administrator web sites and cutting-and-pasting the
>  HTML from one to the other?

If you have privileged command-line access to the server in question, 
then you should be able to copy over customized HTML templates.

Other than that, I don't have any answers for you.  Perhaps one of 
the core Mailman developers will see your question and be able to 
give you a better response.

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