[Mailman-Users] HTML Newsletter Setup

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Sep 8 03:17:32 CEST 2006

At 8:17 PM -0400 2006-09-07, David Ellsworth wrote:

>  I've setup a MM2.1.5 newsletter list and set it up to accept emails with the
>  option added in the first line of the email Approved: password.
>  Problem is I can't get it to accept an HTML file formatted email without
>  messing up my HTML and removing the Approved: password line.

See my other response (to andyk at spunge.org) regarding HTML filtering.

Handling HTML e-mail is hard enough when you're not trying to do any 
kind of processing or filtering to any of the content of the message. 
Trying to put some content filtering into that mix makes the problem 
exponentially harder.  Even something that is apparently as simple as 
stripping the "Approved:" header.

If you can get the "Approved:" line out of the body of the message 
and into the actual headers of the message, that will make things a 
lot easier.

But don't ever let anyone lie to you and try to convince you that 
doing content filtering on HTML e-mail is easy.

It's only easy if you have no concept of what is actually going on 
underneath the hood, and then it's only easy until what's going on 
underneath the hood fails in some catastrophic way.

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