[Mailman-Users] HTML Newsletter Setup

John W. Baxter jwblist3 at olympus.net
Fri Sep 8 23:18:39 CEST 2006

On 9/8/06 4:43 AM, "David Ellsworth" <dellsworth at insightbb.com> wrote:

> Uh, thanks for that Brad, I got it, it's complicated. All I need is a simple
> way to get a formatted html email with Approved through the system. You're
> telling me that that isn't going to be the case? I'm using an applescript
> with Entourage on OS 10.47 to send the file to mailman. Perhaps another
> email client that allows me to put the Approved comment in the email file
> header? 

I see two fairly obvious ways to proceed.

1.  Create an Account in Entourage, and insert the needed Approved: header
manually into that account's additional headers area.  Then send messages to
the list using that account (in your scripting).

2.  Using Applescript to modify a single account, you may be able to set the
"Exchange account" object's "additional headers" property early in the
sending script to contain the needed header, then prepare and send the
message, then restore the additional headers property to normal (probably

I haven't tried this.  The Entourage version I'm looking at is 11.2.5.  Note
that if someone manually sends a message at an inconvenient moment, the
header would be part of it.  Suggest debugging the script using a bogus
password in the Approved: header.


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