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Sat Sep 9 09:08:56 CEST 2006

Hello John,

this really sounds like you'd need a campaign software software :-)

Have you ever heard of "openEMM" http://www.openemm.org/ ?

May that's what you're looking for.

Best wishes,

Tenant schrieb:
> We've been using Mailman for several years for a number of our lists, 
> been reasonably happy, and will probably continue to use it.
> However, no single package is the right answer for all situations. 
> Some of our newer domains need packages with capabilities that 
> Mailman can't provide, so I'm looking for suggestions and comments on 
> various alternative open source packages (and not trying to troll).
> We're looking at PHPlist, DadaMail and other packages. We need to be 
> able to send up to 100,000 at a shot, announce only, use MySQL and 
> with html mail (or provide that as an option, which Mailman can't 
> do), merge/purge lists, searchable archives, personalization and get 
> around AOL/Hotmail perceived spam bouncing, etc.
> In the best of worlds, I'd like to be able to maintain various fields 
> on list members including name and source so, for example, we could 
> decide to send an email to all list members from Source A and Source 
> C, but not Source B, and if there are duplicates on lists A and B, of 
> course send only one copy.
> Maybe that's getting into the realm of campaign software. All of our 
> list members are opt-in, but they come from various sources, so I'd 
> like to be able to pick sources for each mailing and essentially 
> build a list each time from various criteria.
> I'd prefer open source (of course) with an active development 
> community, and we maintain our own server with many virtual domains. 
> I realize no single package can do all that, but suggestion and 
> comments are welcome. Thanks.
> John Fisher
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