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Jon Loose jjloose at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 13:50:28 CEST 2006

Sure, they simply do not receive invitations to join that have been sent out.  Note, I am working on a small sample here -  there are 5-10 affected people.  However, no-one else (outside AOL) has had this kind of problem.  I assume also that the 'evictions' issue is also relevant, but I don't know.



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At 6:01 PM +0000 2006-09-10, Jon Loose wrote:

>  Second - I have found problems with invites to AOL addresses. Is this a
>  common issue?  If so, I'd be interested to know what the issue is, and
>  if anything can be done (apart from obviously encouraging people to
>  dump AOL!).

What problems?  Can you be more specific?

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