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Jon Loose jjloose at yahoo.co.uk
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Brad - apologies for not getting the point from the FAQ first.  

Thanks for being willing to repeat yourself anyway.  I'm going to advise folks to register for a different address.  Very interesting to see your background with AOL.

Thanks again, and to Gail,


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At 8:52 AM -0400 2006-09-11, Gail wrote:

>  My experience with AOL, unrelated to Mailman, maybe of more help.  Almost
>  without exception is all part of AOL's misguided attempts to block SPAM.

Correct.  Why is why I wrote FAQ 3.42.  I should know, since I was 
the first Internet mail operations person they ever hired, and when I 
left I was the Sr. Internet Mail Administrator.  At that time, I was 
probably doing more anti-spam work than most anyone else on the 
planet, and I made a point of contributing my work back to the 

Part of the reason I left was that management (and the developers) 
had decided that they wanted to go with a 100% proprietary solution 
for gatewaying e-mail into the service, and not a single person on 
the Internet Mail Operations team really wanted to be involved in 
that.  One guy stayed, and the rest left in one way or another. 
$DEITY only knows what kind of crap they did once they got rid of all 
the people who really understood how this kind of system should be 

The real problem is that most people can't be bothered to read the 
FAQ or search the archives.

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