[Mailman-Users] Alternate SMTP setup

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Sep 12 03:15:13 CEST 2006

At 10:54 AM -0700 2006-09-11, Jack Stone wrote:

>   4) Have been looking at all logs for errors - none found, except the
>  firewall logs show no packets -- ipsumdump -- no packets to port 1313

There's got to be something in the Mailman and MTA logs.  If not, 
then the configuration was not changed (as you thought you had done).

>   Did all of the above before posting for help. Also, looked at the FAQ
>  several times.

Much appreciated.

>   Further, have been searching for ways to add more subdir for the
>  mail/spool -- not luck there so far in my search at sendmail, etc.

If you want to create additional mail queue subdirectories under 
sendmail, that's a standard thing with the later versions and should 
definitely be described in their documentation.  You don't have to 
worry about this with postfix, since it does that by default 

>   BTW: Another thing is that in the FAQ I see a long analysis about
>  setting SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 10 to SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 5 max.


>   I'm using 10, but do have numerous "big gorillas" like Yahoo, Hotmail,
>  msn, aol, etc. -- a high ratio of those.

This may or may not make a difference for you.  IIRC, the big point 
of the articles by Chuq were in response to questions about VERP and 
personalization, and going from something like SMTP_MAX_RECIPIENTS=10 
down to SMTP_MAX_RECIPIENTS=1 (e.g., enabling VERP and/or 

And Chuq is working from data on some of the biggest known Mailman 
mailing lists, so I'd have very good reason to believe his numbers.

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