[Mailman-Users] Automatic creation of new lists

Frederik Questier fquestie at vub.ac.be
Wed Sep 13 13:30:03 CEST 2006


for our University I want to setup automatically mailinglists for each 
course and study year (some 10.000 mailing lists).

I wonder, is something available for this aim?

I could adapt newlist to make it non-interactive
and script it with add_members,
but probably some of you did this already or have a better idea?

The setup that I have in mind/development is:

- mailman on Debian Linux with exim4
- Setup a default config for new lists in mm_cfg.py
  (drop welcome message, setup one owner, ...)
- From the database: create files with the listnames as filename and the 
email addresses as contents.
- From these filenames: create new lists with a kind of adapted newlist???
- Run add_members for each list

Who knows or has such adapted non-interactive newlist,
or has a better idea alltogether?


Frederik Questier

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