[Mailman-Users] Arquives sorting problems

Mário Filipe mjnf at uevora.pt
Wed Sep 13 16:07:35 CEST 2006


Some users of our mailing lists are complaining that when using the
archives, sorted by date, some messages are skipped when using the "Next
message" and "Previous message" links. For example:

Message 1
Message 2
Message 3
Message 4
Message 5
Message 6
Message 7
Message 8
Message 9
Message 10

What they say is that going from message 1 to 10 will skip a few of the
messages in between.

I've tried recreating the archive but it didn't work. Does any one have
a clue on what might be going on?

Thank you
        Mário Filipe
        Serviço de Computação da Universidade de Évora
        mjnf at uevora.pt
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