[Mailman-Users] Virtual sites

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Thu Sep 14 10:42:04 CEST 2006

On Wed, 13 Sep 2006, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:

> Carl Zwanzig wrote:
> > Probably the easiest way to get the 'multiple' domains that you want
> > is to run one instance of mailman for each domain. Yoy can then configure
> > the smtphost for that specific domain.
>     And to second this part of Carl's e-mail, this is exactly what I'm
> doing on my end.  I wanted to be able to have the same mailing list
> *name* exist across multiple virtual domains.  Back in January 2003 I
> posted a question about this, and at the time, Barry Warsaw replied with
> the following:
> ----------
>     AMK>     Under MM2.0.x I created separate installations for
>     AMK> different virtual hosts.  This allowed me to create the same
>     AMK> list name, on a different virtual host without having mailman
>     AMK> conflict.  Now, with MM2.1, how should I continue to do this?
> MM2.1 doesn't lift this restriction, so your best bet is to continue
> your current approach.  However, there /is/ a semi-supported extension
> mechanism that you might be able to use to share one installation to
> do it all.  See the Mailman/Site.py file for details, although there's
> no guarantee this will give you enough of a hook.

This is a gentle "+1", please, for same list name across multiple
independent domains; those lists operating independently.

(It's a topic that keeps simmering in the background... there was a little
discussion of it a few months ago.)

>     So far I haven't seen this change, and to be perfectly honest, I
> don't really expect it to either.  I can't speak for everyone, but I
> think the number of people who have the same type of installation as me
> are fairly limited compared to everyone else who runs MM.  But then, I
> could be wrong.
>     MM does what it was designed to do.  The fact that a few of us have
> quirky setups, I don't think is enough to go through a rewrite. :)  Just
> my two cents.

We have our main university domain "@durham.ac.uk".  But we also have
several related other domains (collaborative ventures) which have other
domain names.

In that sense we resemble an ISP offering multiple independent domains,
and offering mailing lists "@" each domain.

For several years we have run majordomo.  Although that has several
drawbacks by today's standards (hence our starting to migrate to Mailman!)
one thing majordomo can do and where Mailman currently falls short is to
handle (and quite naturally so) multiple "@domains" and to support the
same "listname@" (same name, totally independent functionality) on them.

So I certainly wouldn't classify "list at dom1" and "list at dom2" (same name
"list") as 'quirky'. Rather as 'routine' for an ISP-like organisation
offering multiple, logically independent domains.

Put another way: at a single domain site, the uniqueness of "listname" and
"listname at domain" are equivalent.  At a multi-domain site (e.g. a
multi-domain ISP-like body offering maillist services), the uniqueness
criterion has to be the full "list-A at dom-X" ("list-A" is insufficient).

And I hereby match my "+1" request with a "+1" offer to help test and
debug (so far as I reasonably can) any related beta code from the Mailman


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