[Mailman-Users] archive emails are garbled

Justin Zygmont justin at cityfone.net
Thu Sep 14 22:38:57 CEST 2006

I have a noticed a problem with emails stored in the list archives if 
they have been uuencoded.  When HTML emails are distributed to all the 
list members they just show the raw HTML code, so I used uuencode and it 
fixed that, but when I take a look at the message in the archives it 
looks mostly garbled.  Here's an example:

begin 644 AgentCommissions.html
M/"%$3T-465!%($A434P at 4%5"3$E#("(M+R]7,T,O+T141"!(5$U,(#0N,#$@
M='EF;VYE($-O;6UI<W-I;VX at 0F%N:SPO=&ET;&4^#0H\<W1Y;&4^#0H\(2TM
M#0IT9"YL:71T;&5T97AT("![(&9O;G0M9F%M:6QY.B!!<FEA;#L at 9F]N="US
M:7IE.B X<'0@?0T*:#$@(" @(" @(" @(" @>R!F;VYT+69A;6EL>3H at 07)I
M86P[(&9O;G0M<VEZ93H@,31P="!]#0IH,B @(" @(" @(" @("![(&9O;G0M
M9F%M:6QY.B!!<FEA;#L at 9F]N="US:7IE.B Q,G!T('T-"G1D+F)I9W1E>'0@
M(" @('L at 9F]N="UF86UI;'DZ($%R:6%L.R!F;VYT+7-I>F4Z(#$T<'0@?0T*

Anyone know if there is a better way to deal with this?

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