[Mailman-Users] archive emails are garbled

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Sep 15 00:02:05 CEST 2006

Justin Zygmont wrote:

>I have a noticed a problem with emails stored in the list archives if 
>they have been uuencoded.  When HTML emails are distributed to all the 
>list members they just show the raw HTML code,

Messages as sent to message subscribers or messages in the archives?
You should be able to send HTML to individual subscribers if you don't
filter content or if you allow the appropriate MIME types in content
filtering. How such messages appear in archives depends on sitewide
archiving options set in mm_cfg.py.

>so I used uuencode and it 
>fixed that, but when I take a look at the message in the archives it 
>looks mostly garbled.  Here's an example:
>begin 644 AgentCommissions.html
>M/"%$3T-465!%($A434P at 4%5"3$E#("(M+R]7,T,O+T141"!(5$U,(#0N,#$@
>M='EF;VYE($-O;6UI<W-I;VX at 0F%N:SPO=&ET;&4^#0H\<W1Y;&4^#0H\(2TM
>M#0IT9"YL:71T;&5T97AT("![(&9O;G0M9F%M:6QY.B!!<FEA;#L at 9F]N="US
>M:7IE.B X<'0@?0T*:#$@(" @(" @(" @(" @>R!F;VYT+69A;6EL>3H at 07)I
>M86P[(&9O;G0M<VEZ93H@,31P="!]#0IH,B @(" @(" @(" @("![(&9O;G0M
>M9F%M:6QY.B!!<FEA;#L at 9F]N="US:7IE.B Q,G!T('T-"G1D+F)I9W1E>'0@
>M(" @('L at 9F]N="UF86UI;'DZ($%R:6%L.R!F;VYT+7-I>F4Z(#$T<'0@?0T*

This is not garbled. It is the uuencoded AgentCommissions.html file. A
uuencoded file is not human readable, but as far as mail agents are
concerned, it is plain text and will be archived in its raw form. Some
MUAs see a uuencoded file in an email and call it an 'attachment' and
render it as such, but this is non-standard. Also some MUAs when
composing will put uuencoded data in a separate MIME part with
Content-Transfer-Encoding: uuencode, x-uuencode, uue or x-uue, but
this to is non-standard.

>Anyone know if there is a better way to deal with this?

You should be able to send HTML messages to your list members.

What Mailman version is this? What are your content filtering settings?
Can you provide a sample of a message as sent to Mailman and as
received from Mailman?

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