[Mailman-Users] upgrading to mm2.1.9?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Sep 15 00:11:38 CEST 2006

Dave Stern  wrote:

>make install starts ok and ends ok but has one error:
>Creating architecture independent directories...
>chmod o-r /fs/mailman2/archives/private
>for p in email-2.5.8 JapaneseCodecs-1.4.11 KoreanCodecs-2.0.5; \
>do \
>     gunzip -c ./$p.tar.gz | (cd . ; tar xf -); \
>     (cd ./$p ; umask 02 ; PYTHONPATH=/fs/mailman2/pythonlib /usr/local/bin/pytho
>n setup.py --quiet install --install-lib /fs/mailman2/pythonlib --install-pureli
>b /fs/mailman2/pythonlib --install-data /fs/mailman2/pythonlib); \
>   File "/fs/mailman2/pythonlib/email/_compat22.py", line 31
>     yield self
>              ^
>SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I don't know what happened to my first attempt to reply to this.
Perhaps I sent it only to the OP (give 'em a vacation and you have to
retrain them).

Anyway, the above is OK. Your followup indicates you have Python 2.1.2.
That's why the 'yield' fails. It requires Python 2.2, but in operation
imports of _compat22 are wrapped in a try which falls back to
importing _compat21 on a syntax exception.

>Then it updates the lists but with each one, it says:
>     Looks like you have a really recent CVS installation...
>     you're either one brave soul, or you already ran me

This is OK too. It only means there were no config.pck format changes
from Mailman 2.1.8 to 2.1.9.

>Finally, restarting sendmail, apache and mailman, if I try to login
>from the webpage, I get a failure. Traceback shows:


Answered in reply to your followup post.

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