[Mailman-Users] Change Mailman Installer owner

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Sep 16 00:00:03 CEST 2006

Kory Wheatley wrote:
>I didn't know what list to seen this to because it's kind of an 
>in-between question/help.

Mailman-Users is appropriate.

>Currently I installed mailman under an account callled wheakory and now 
>I want to configure Mailman under mailmgmt.  Would the following 
>procedure work:
>First shutdown mailman
>change ownership or group with:  find . -user wheakory -exec chown 
>mailmgmt {} \; find . -group wheakory -exec chgrp mailmgmt {} \;
>Login as mailmgmt
>cd to mailman-2.1.9
>./configure (with our current parameters set)
>make install
>start mailman

Normally, changing the group shouldn't be required as the group should
be 'mailman' (or whatever the mailman user is) on virtually everything.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to run bin/check_perms (and if necessary,
'bin/check_perms -f' as root) between 'make install' and start mailman.

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