[Mailman-Users] Different URL PATTERNS per virtual host?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Sep 18 17:42:50 CEST 2006

Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
>I am using Mailman v2.1.6 and I was wondering whether it is possible to
>have a different DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN per virtual host?

Not without running a different copy of Mailman for the different hosts.

>For my main site, example.com, I would like it to use https://%s/mailman
>for the web interface, but for other sites I host, say example.net, to
>use http://%s/mailman.

DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN is used both at list creation time to create the
list's web_page_url attribute and it is also used by a utility
function that returns various URLs when the function is called without
a web_page_url argument.

Were it not for the second usage, you could simply set (or default)

DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'

and then use bin/withlist or bin/config_list to set web_page_url to
'https://example.com/mailman/' for the lists in the example.com
domain. However, because of the second usage of DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN,
this will only be partially (and not very) effective.

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