[Mailman-Users] Variables interpretation in archive templates

Frederik Questier fquestie at vub.ac.be
Tue Sep 19 11:11:41 CEST 2006


I want to have the date of the messages displayed in the archive index entry
and the description or the subject_prefix of the list in the archive toc.

I can get adaptions of the templates nicely working,
but I can't get any of these interpreted:

%(datestr_html)s   in mailman/templates/en/archidxentry.html
%(description)s    in mailman/templates/en/archtocnombox.html
%(subject_prefix)s in mailman/templates/en/archtocnombox.html

Will things like these (examples from mailman as distributed) *do* work:
%(datestr_html)s in mailman/templates/en/article.html
%(subject_html)s in mailman/templates/en/article.html
%(description)s  in mailman/templates/en/article.html/admindbpreamble.html

What should I do to get the first examples interpreted by mailman/bin/arch ?
Using other variables, or adapt mailman/bin/arch or...?


Frederik Questier

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