[Mailman-Users] extracting banned/rejected/discarded email addresses for exim blacklist

Bretton Vine bretton at hivemind.net
Wed Sep 20 08:58:29 CEST 2006

Is there an easy way to extract all the addresses which have been marked as
follows in a mailman list setup - but for all lists?

 i.e. extract all addresses which are listed in:
      - banned from subscribing to the list
      - automatically reject posts from $these_addresses
      - automatically discard posts from $these_addresses

It's taken me 30 minutes to manually copy-paste from 10 lists from a single
install (with lots of duplicates involved) and I just don't have the
time/patience to do it for up to 200 lists.

What I'm trying to do is extract all those problem addresses, add to a file
and do a `sort | uniq` on it and add it to exim's blacklist (which is
another exercise in frustration due to format being $domain $sender and not

Suggestions appreciated :-)

(Ideally I want to setup a script to do this automatically on a regular
basis and just add new addresses to exim's blacklist)

Part of the reason I'm looking into this is that despite all my pleading
some list-owners just won't admin their lists properly (and yes I know I can
set a limit on max days to hold - but some legitimate mail might get lost then)

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