[Mailman-Users] importing an archive in such a way as to populate the associated newsgroup.

Justin H Haynes Justin at Haynes.net
Sun Sep 24 13:43:47 CEST 2006

I set up a list recently, although actually a list by the same name has
existed for 8 years and has changed hands and software numerous times.
Mailman works very well for me and my list.  I have the mail<>news
gateway set up bidirectionally, and it works great as well.  Several of
us either use mail or news and see each others posts threading properly.

The problem I am now trying to solve is how to get one 20,000 mailbox
file into the newsgroup.  This file has messages from different list
softwares, though I believe most were mailman.

I would consider this post off topic, were it not for the presence of
Queue/NewsRunner.py which seems to have a lot of the necessary

So my question is:

Suppose I were to temporarily turn off delivery to all the subscribers,
and then somehow run the entire archive through Mailman in such a way
that it were to deliver all the messages to the list.  Would such an
approach possibly be successful in getting all the messages into the

Can mailman be invoked at the command line something like this?:

cat archive.mbx | <some mailman executable>



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