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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Sep 27 19:29:18 CEST 2006

At 7:57 AM -0700 9/27/06, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>  This works fine for outgoing mail. Incoming mail is trickier. You have
>  to use something like fetchmail or some other process to get the mail
>  from the incoming MTA to mailman (Maybe NFS can be used, but I don't
>  offhand know if anyone has done this).

Handling incoming mail from alternative MTAs should just be a 
relatively simple matter of modifying the mail routing on the 
external MTAs in order to properly direct mail addressed to the list 
to the machine where Mailman is installed.  There will need to be a 
sync process every time you set up a new mailing list, because the 
procedures that Mailman uses internally to create new aliases, etc... 
are not going to do anything for the external MTAs.

This sync process could be manual, or you could modify the scripts 
which generate these changes, so that the sync process is automated.

Alternatively, you could use a fetchmail or NFS mailbox solution, 
although I believe that handling this through mail routing changes 
(as described above) is going to be a cleaner overall solution.

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