[Mailman-Users] I need to get "Sender:" address

Rob Jackson robertj at linux4free.com
Fri Sep 29 22:09:43 CEST 2006

Great, thanks, that worked.  I read about the USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER, but it
did not seem that it applied, a little confused there.


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Rob Jackson wrote:

>I have messages coming from a Gatewayed Message board to mailman.  
>There is an extra field To: field and a Sender: field and I need to get 
>the Sender e-mail address.
>I have tried modifying the SENDER_HEADERS to 
>('sender','from',None,'reply-to'), so sender is before from, but it 
>still grabs the "From" even if "Sender exists."

Which headers are searched and in which order depends on several things
including context. You probably need to set USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER to Yes in

Here are the details:

There are two Mailman.Message.Message methods for getting the sender.
They are get_sender() and get_senders().

If USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER is Yes or True, get_sender() returns the first
address found from the headers Sender:, From:, and the unixfrom or envelope
sender. Otherwise the search order is From:, Sender:, unixfrom.

OTOH, get_senders() returns a list of all the addresses found in all the
headers listed in SENDER_HEADERS.

Thus, changing SENDER_HEADERS has no effect on the address returned by
get_sender() and  reordering SENDER_HEADERS only affects the order of the
addresses returned by get_senders().

The distinction is important, because in some contexts (e.g.
determining whether the sender is a list member), get_senders() is used to
get a list of addresses, whereas in other contexts (e.g.
determining if the sender is in *_these_nonmembers), get_sender() is used to
get a single address.

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