[Mailman-Users] fix_url error

Catherine Maxwell catmaxx at berrach.com
Sat Sep 30 21:13:13 CEST 2006

At 11:22 PM 9/29/2006, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>What does bin/list_lists report?

It displays the listname there.

>What does bin/check_perms run as root report?

It states: No problems found

>What are the permissions on the lists/listname directory itself?

drwxrwsr-x  2 mailman  mailman  512 Sep 30 02:49 listname

>What does bin/dumpdb lists/listname/config.pck report? (You can elide
>all the membership info. In fact, if you get a reasonable looking
>report, you can just compare it to that of another list to verify that
>it looks good.)

[----- start pickle file -----]
[----- end pickle file -----]

All of the reports look fine except the program won't identify that 
the list exists. Conclusion: corrupted config.pck.

So I dug around and found a old config.pck for that list from last 
year and saved it to the lists/listname directory and -- wonders of 
wonders -- the list's webpages are all back including members and 
archives. The configuration needs to be updated but everything else 
is there. :) Now on to enjoy the rest of my weekend.


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