[Mailman-Users] Support for Cpanel users?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Apr 17 06:36:43 CEST 2007

At 11:41 PM -0400 4/16/07, Michael Kabot wrote:

>  It might be a thought to create a FAQ on how to upgrade Cpanel/Plesk to the
>  latest version of Mailman and keep it up to date.  I'm not familiar with
>  Cpanel.....

CPanel has made source-code level changes to the version of Mailman 
they ship, so no version of Mailman you install from our sources will 
include that changed functionality.  I think that this solution is a 
non-starter for CPanel.

For Plesk, they use an ancient version of Python, and an ancient 
version of all the Python libraries, but if you know what you're 
doing and you hold your mouth right while doing the correct dance 
while waving a dead chicken, you can jury-rig things so that you can 
actually replace the version of Mailman that is installed without 
disturbing Plesk too much.

However, the moment you do this, you wipe out any possibility of ever 
getting any kind of support on anything else related to Plesk -- your 
hosting provider isn't going to touch the machine unless it's their 
official plain-jane installed version, and the Plesk folks aren't 
even going to talk to you at all.

So, this probably isn't a good option for use with Plesk, either.

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