[Mailman-Users] Integrating mailman with joomla/mambo

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Mon Apr 23 19:55:45 CEST 2007

On Monday 23 April 2007 09:17:44 Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 3:51 AM -0700 4/23/07, David Southwell wrote:
> >  Has anyone done this?
> Yes.
> >  If so how successful?
> Pretty successful.
> >  How about username/password integration?
> Hard to say.  I know people who've done it (e.g., Curtis Preston),
> but I have not done it myself.
> >  It would be really great to have mailman as a joomla/mambo module
> >  If not does anyone have any ideas how to go about this?
> >  I am posting a similar question in the joomla forum
> If you search the FAQ Wizard for "joomla", or "content management
> systems", or "web board discussion systems", or "PHP", or "forum", or
> various related terms then you should come across FAQ 1.26.  So far
> as I know, that is the latest information we have on this subject.
> If you had already searched the FAQ Wizard on these subjects, please
> let us know what search terms you used that did *not* pull up FAQ
> 1.26, and we'll try to get it modified to suit.
> If you have any more information to add to that FAQ entry, please
> feel free to make your own contribution (using the instructions
> provided in the FAQ Wizard itself) and let us know.

Yes I did read the FAQ but what was written there was not really specific 
enough. I did not want to be too critical of the FAQ so I did not mention 
what I had seen there when I originally posted.. but maybe that was remiss of 

There was a interesting aside about some work done by Scot Harris but no link 
to  him e or to the software mentioned or even an indication that the results 
of his work are available in the public domain. The implication of the FAQ 
was a need to look elsewhere for a generic solution for providing a module 
giving a full integration for Joomla and mailman. What the FAQ did do was to 
reinforce what I knew.. that such integration was possible.. but took me no 
further towards actually doing it.

Unfortunately, as in many other places, the FAQ, whilst providing many 
apparently hopeful mentions, which can be very useful in some instances, it 
seems that there have not been enough informed contributions. This means the 
work does not, in many places, have sufficient specific follow ups. Perhaps 
this is an indication that those of us who are new to mailman might perhaps 
pay more attention to turning the results of our learning experience into 
well written contributions that  improve the quality of the  FAQ over time. 

Do not get me wrong-- I have found the FAQ can be really useful at times, but 
the Mailman FAQ is a bit of a curates egg. Sometimes it seems like an FAQ but 
it often seems more like a personal blog rather than a well focused piece of 
work, written to a consistent, disciplined standard,  giving comprehensive  
step by step instructions  in response to very specific and well crafted  

My two pennorth with a big thank you to everyone who has got it to the current 


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