[Mailman-Users] certificates for subscribers..application to provide and check???

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Fri Apr 27 17:01:10 CEST 2007


Before starting to build it  I am wondering if anyone knows of a port that 
will do what I require. I am reluctant (and too lazy <chuckles>) to want to 
reinvent the wheel!!!

I want to offer maillist users a certificate, signed 
by us, that they will be asked  to use to certify their identity when posting 
to the list. 

I want them to apply and obtain  the certificate using the the maillist 
web site and for us to keep the records in  a mysql database. 

I would also like to incorporate certificate checking as part of the process 
of validating incoming mails presented for posting to a list. 

For some lists, where we have a means of being able to be sure of user 
identity and a security need,  I want to reject uncertified mails. In other 
cases I simply want to add a warning in the first line of the Body when the 
mail is uncertified.

Thanks in advance

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