[Mailman-Users] SMS/text messaging

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Apr 27 22:16:21 CEST 2007

On 4/27/07, Anne Ramey wrote:

>  I have some users interested in setting up lists to send out text
>  messages to phones/PDAs.  We have figured out that the confirmation
>  messages for subscription do not work on these devices.  We figured out
>  that the approve method of subscription works, but the email it sends to
>  let the user know their subscription is waiting is rather long.  Has
>  anyone tweaked Mailman to work with these devices?  I don't see any
>  patches out there for it.

Mailman does Internet e-mail.  Are these phones/PDAs doing Internet 
e-mail?  If so, then the mail clients shouldn't have any problems 
with the messages Mailman is sending out -- I know I don't have any 
such problems on my Palm Treo 680.  Heck, in an emergency I can even 
handle the web-based moderation queue for Mailman-hosted mailing 
lists on my Treo -- that's one advantage of a simple web user 

Now, if these phones/PDAs are doing SMS messages that have been 
gatewayed from Internet e-mail, then you're talking about a problem 
with the gateway system, and there may not be a whole lot we can do 
to help you.

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