[Mailman-Users] New list fails to archive

Hugh Esco hesco at reclaimedcomputers.ca
Sun Apr 29 23:01:16 CEST 2007

I've been using multiple instances of mailman for probably close to a
hundred different lists on dozens of projects since 2000.  I've
administered dozens of mailman installations on at least six servers,
many of them with command line access.  I have never run into this issue

I have set up two new lists using the mailman/create web interface (a
first for me). This server is new to me and its uses mm 2.1.5 from the
Debian apt-get repository.  Although I've built dozens of Debian
machines and use Debian at home and on most of the servers where I
host production projects, I've always installed mailman from a source
tarball before. But this is not my server and I'm only adding a few
lists to an existing instance of mailman.

The moderation que appropriately snags unauthorized mail.  The list is
passing traffic through to the list.  But so far, I have seen no
evidence that anything is being archived, although I believe I've
appropriately configured these new lists to do that.  

The root administrator on this server tells me that other lists hosted
with his server are being archived.  

I've poked around and found the code, the lists, the archives
(directories have been created for my new lists, which seem to have the
same permissions and ownership as the lists who's archives do work) and
the logs.  But I haven't found any clues to my issue.  

Can anyone here please recommend my next steps to debugging this issue? 
We have ads coming out Wednesday advertsiing a new site and I'm hoping
to have our lists working and a subscription form up by then.  

-- Hugh Esco

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