[Mailman-Users] New list fails to archive

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 30 02:01:41 CEST 2007

Hugh Esco wrote:
>The moderation que appropriately snags unauthorized mail.  The list is
>passing traffic through to the list.  But so far, I have seen no
>evidence that anything is being archived, although I believe I've
>appropriately configured these new lists to do that.  
>The root administrator on this server tells me that other lists hosted
>with his server are being archived.  

Do you believe this? It seems you may have shell access. If so, do

ps -fAw | grep python

to be sure that 1) ArchRunner is running and 2) if the command option
is something other than --runner=ArchRunner:0:1 (i.e. if it is sliced)
that all slices are running. E.g. if you see a process with option
--runner=ArchRunner:0:2, there must be s second one with option
--runner=ArchRunner:1:2. Whatever the second 'n' is there should be n
processes with first number 0,1,...,n-1.

>I've poked around and found the code, the lists, the archives
>(directories have been created for my new lists, which seem to have the
>same permissions and ownership as the lists who's archives do work) and
>the logs.  But I haven't found any clues to my issue.  

Also look in qfiles/archive to see if there are messages waiting to be

If the lists are working, the list's archive attributes are 'Yes',
ArchRunner is running and qfiles/archive is empty, yet your messages
aren't being archived, I think there have to be exceptions in
Mailman's error log.

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