[Mailman-Users] few seperate issues

Luke Daly Luke.Daly at newcastle.edu.au
Wed Aug 1 04:06:51 CEST 2007

Hi Guys

Always very useful. Iam from Newcastle University so will go add to
organisations that use mailman at the wiki.

few questions please forgive me only lived with the system for a week
or so and iam a windows sysad so extra dumb and have ALOT of lists.

1. I have a list that all members are set to moderated yet all users
seem to be able to post to it. I have checked setting against a working
list was wondering what i should check next?

2. is there an easy way i can get list administrators to spit out a
list of all users in there list into a text file? or something that can
be cut and pasted nicely?

3. Is there some way I can see a list of all people able to post to
the list?

Luke Daly
Systems Officer
IT Infrastructure
Newcastle University


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