[Mailman-Users] Fw: problem in Makefile for mailman

Geo fbsdolot at cit.ru
Fri Aug 3 13:42:46 CEST 2007

Now I can see the problem in detail...(It's seems.to me..)
I installed FreeBSD6.2 by FTP from ftp.freebsd.org and installed Mailman
by the port /usr/ports/mail/mailman   (after #portsnap fetch, #portsnap 
During installation I choosed SENDMAIL option by indikator in MTA select 
but command #make -V MAIL_GID show empty string (both before and after 
...--with-mail-gid=    --with-cgi-gid=www
and so on..
Can I  set MAIL_GID=mailnull by make-utility or anyway?
I am ready show step by step of my actions...

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> >Yep, it's a FreeBSD port.  While I run both free and open bsd, I've
>>found that there are a few things better installed from original
>>source.  Mailman is one of them.
> Look at the changes that FreeBSD has made.  You will probably find
> some that you do not understand.  I did the same with Ubuntu, and
> most of the changes were not documented, so I had no idea why they
> were made.
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