[Mailman-Users] Any way to prevent password reminders from being set at a server level?

Pat Riehecky prieheck at iwu.edu
Fri Aug 3 16:32:49 CEST 2007

I am in the process of configuring a secondary mailman system for use as
a hotspare.  I noticed just a few days ago that both the primary and the
backup system sent out list password reminders.  There really is no
reason to send out both reminders as they contain the exact same text.

Is there a way to tell the server not to send those out.  I know each
user can set this up on a per list basis, but since the backup does an
rsync of the list data from the primary any such change in the list
would be short lived.   

I found in Defaults.py DEFAULT_SEND_REMINDERS, but this seems to set the
default upon list creation.  I am just looking for a way to suspend
those messages so that my live backup system doesn't confuse the users.

The FAQ didn't seem to have anything helpful (at least not that I could


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