[Mailman-Users] Quick Question...

Wes wes9999 at myfastmail.com
Fri Aug 3 16:53:57 CEST 2007

>> I have seen people complaining about mailman hosts limiting their  
>> outgoing messages to X per hour/day... Is that something that the  
>> host puts in? Or is there something with mailman that's limiting?
> This is something that some ISPs/hosting services put in their outgoing
> mail service in order to limit the ability of their users to send bulk
> mail. Whether or not they consider the effect of this on the Mailman
> service they offer to their users is unknown, but it effectively
> limits their Mailman service to small and/or low volume lists.
> There is nothing in Mailman itself that does this.
Assuming a host does this, is there any type of throttling mechanism in 
mailman?  I've had to set up throttling with a php based newsletter 
mailer in the past, and so I presume I'll have to deal with this when I 
move those lists to mailman, as I plan to do soon.

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