[Mailman-Users] customizing pages

Wes wes9999 at myfastmail.com
Fri Aug 3 21:33:34 CEST 2007

I'm trying to figure out how to customize all the pages that an end user 
will see when interfacing with the mailman system.  I want a one way 
list, so I want to have the fewest options available to the user.

I'd like them to just:
1. subscribe on a web form
2. confirm via a link in their email client
3. unsubscribe if necessary following instructions at the bottom of each 
4. unsub/resub if they want to change their email delivery address

In other words, I don't care to let them see their other subscriptions, 
make use of their password, etc.

I've found where I can change most of the pages.  Here's a summary of 
the flow, with notes on which of the pages can be changed or not:

1. signup (can be changed via customizing "General List Information Page")

2. page displayed after signup (changed via customizing "Subscribe 
Results Page")

3. text of confirmation email (cannot be changed)

4. page seen after clicking confirmation link in the email (cannot be 

5. page seen after clicking "yes subscribe me" on the page mentioned 
above (cannot be changed)
(this page contains another link to the "user specific options Page")

6. welcome email is received (this can be changed by editing "Welcome 
Email Text File")

7. page seen after clicking "proceed to your membership login page" 
(changed via editing "User Specific Options Page")

If anyone knows how I can edit any of the pages mentioned above that I 
cannot seem to change, please let me know. (I'm on a shared host so I 
only have access to the web interface)

I'm on version 2.1.9.cp2

Thank you in advance

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