[Mailman-Users] Can this be done using Mailman?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Aug 8 04:20:57 CEST 2007

On 8/7/07, DAve wrote:

>  The client is asking for the ability to manage list messages in a new
>  way. We are unable to do so using our current software, ezmlm. Here is
>  the scoop. The client has twenty mail lists, and subscribers can sign up
>  for any number of lists. The client wants to be able to send a common
>  message to some lists without sending duplicate messages if a subscriber
>  is on more then one list.

Mailman is able to eliminate some duplicate messages, depending on 
the exact nature of the situation.  In particular, if the headers 
show that a certain address is a named recipient in the "To:" or 
"Cc:" headers but is also a subscriber to the list, then the 
additional list copy can be avoided.

However, one list has no idea what the other lists are doing, or what 
traffic may have already been sent through there.  So, if the same 
message is posted to multiple lists and the same person is subscribed 
to multiple lists, then they'd still get multiple copies.  I don't 
see any obvious way around that problem.

>  As we understand it you can have topics, and subscribers will only
>  receive messages directed at the topics they subscribe to. This means a
>  subscriber could subscribe to [members], [stores], and [retailers], if
>  we send a message to [stores] they will receive it. If we send a message
>  to all topics, subscribers will receive only one message. This is what
>  we want.

As far as it goes, that sounds correct.

>  However, if we send a message only to [stores] and to [members],
>  subscribers will receive two copies. This is not what we want.

If there's just one list, with multiple topics, then a recipient on 
that list should only get one copy of the message, even if they're 
subscribed to multiple topics.

At least, that's the way I understand it.

>  It is not clear to us from the docs or from any information we have been
>  able to find. Thanks,

If I haven't been able to clarify this issue for you, please let me know.

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