[Mailman-Users] Spontaneous spillover at a certain cue

Dennis Carr dennisthetiger at chez-vrolet.net
Thu Aug 9 18:18:51 CEST 2007

OK, here's what's going on.

Just got a report from my users that the mailman archiver I'm using -
Pipermail (comes with the package, AFAICT) - is doing weird things.

First half of a message is here:


...and the second half of a message is here:


Note how in this case on the second message there seems to be a line
missing - as near as we can tell, if it hits a paragraph that starts
with the word "From", it cuts off, starts a new archive file, and
eliminates that first line from the new archive file.

What's going on, and how do I fix this?


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