[Mailman-Users] problems with mailman v2.1.5

Mario Silva msilva at nmcourts.com
Thu Aug 9 23:54:16 CEST 2007

Hi all:


I have this problem with mailman.


When a person who is not member of a list, the manager of the list gets the
message to approve the delivery of the message, but when a member of the
list send a message, the message just gets disappears, the message never
gets to the list.


I deleted the list then recreate it, it worked just for a day, but at the
next day the list was broken again, I am going to recreate de list again,
but I do not want to come tomorrow at office and then to do the same
procedure, obviously there’s something wrong but to be honest I don’t know
if the problem might be something related with the mailman version and
probably I should update it, but first I need to be sure.



Thank you



Mario Silva
Systems Administrator
Supreme Court of New Mexico
Judicial Information Division 
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Santa Fe, NM 87505 
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The content of this data transmission is not considered as an offer,
proposal, understanding, or agreement unless it is confirmed in a document
signed by a legal representative of Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico
or the Judicial Information Division. The content of this data transmission
is confidential and it is intended to be delivered only to the addresses,
therefore, it shall not be distributed and/or disclosed through any mean
without the original sender's previous authorization. If you are not the
addressee you are forbidden to use it, either totally or partially, for any


El contenido de este mensaje de datos no se considera oferta, propuesta o
acuerdo, sino hasta que sea confirmado en  documento por escrito que
contenga la firma autógrafa del apoderado legal de La Suprema Corte del
Estado de Nuevo Mexico o de la Division de Informatica del Estado. El
contenido de este mensaje de datos es confidencial y se entiende dirigido y
para uso exclusivo del destinatario, por lo que no podrá distribuirse y/o
difundirse por ningún medio sin la previa autorización del emisor original.
Si usted no es el destinatario, se le prohíbe su utilización total o parcial
para cualquier fin.


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