[Mailman-Users] another issue

Luke Daly Luke.Daly at newcastle.edu.au
Fri Aug 10 04:20:09 CEST 2007

And again
Could you please advise me if there is some setting in Mailman I could
use to allow subscriptions from @newcastle and @studentmail addresses
(both our domains) to
be accepted automatically.  Currently, as owner, I am asked to
all subscriptions for our three mail lists.  This is becoming a daily
task lately.

Prior to Mailman, our email lists were set up to only hold/reject
subscription requests that came from non-staff or non-student
(as it is quite acceptable that any staff or student subscribe to our
lists).  I would then receive a warning message that gave me the
to check with the person about their affiliation with this university.

Most of the time I never heard back from them, but in some instances
people had legitimate need to be on our lists even though they were
staff. Any ideas guys?

Luke Daly
Systems Officer
IT Infrastructure
Newcastle University


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