[Mailman-Users] hold_these_nonmembers

Par Leijonhufvud par at hunter-gatherer.org
Fri Aug 10 21:32:58 CEST 2007

Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org> [2007.08.10] wrote:
> I believe that Mark has already said that this patch (or something 
> very much like it) will be added to the official Mailman code in the 
> near future, so I would think that the only problem might be that 
> it's not incorporated in the very next version and that you might 
> have to re-apply the patch when you upgrade.

If so that is an argument in favour (except that I like the freeBSD
ports system...)

> |                                                        ... I can extract
> | membership lists with the list_members command (using sort and uniq to
> | fix any duplications) and then add them using config_list.
> As far as this goes, it does seem like it should work.


> | Is this a sane plan?  Will the world end if someone is both a member and
> | is in the hold_these_nonmembers list,
> The world should not end, and Mailman should not crash.

Good one at least the latter bit (I'll leave the question open on the

> |                                       or can I use one single master
> | list of "everyone"? Which takes precendence?
> You should be able to have a master list of "everyone", but I 
> couldn't tell you which takes precedence.  You'd need to hear from 
> Mark, Tokio, or Barry on that.

I'll avait an authorative comment before implementing, or code around the
problem. I culd of course run an experiment, but that would
leave a nagging doubt that things *allways* will work in the same


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