[Mailman-Users] Any problem with removing lower case list name conversion in newlist?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Aug 19 06:22:26 CEST 2007

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D G Teed wrote:
> It doesn't really matter if the list name is in any particular case,
> to keep the original case of the list name.  Because we have
> lists named after course names, it would look a little odd for
> only the first char to be upper case (e.g. [Srmk4563a1] rather than
> [SRMK4563A1].
> Looking at MailList.py, I see where realname is being set:
>         self.real_name = internalname[0].upper() + internalname[1:]

You could just change that to

        self.real_name = internalname.upper()

which would set the initial real_name of the list to all upper case and
the subject_prefix would follow.

> I considered adding another variable on the next line and then
> reference that in  my defaults file.  However, I think it
> would require that I map all of my lists to uppercase
> in the new variable, since it seems like the original name
> is converted to lowercase internally when the list is created.
> I'm not sure whether mapping all mailing lists to upper case
> for the DEFAULT_SUBJECT_PREFIX would be acceptable.

The internal_name should be all lower case.  I'm not certain, but I
think lots would break if it weren't.  The real_name can be changed via
the web admin interface and can be anything at all as long as it
differsd from the internal_name only by case, i.e., any combination of
letters of the internal_name can be upper-cased for the real_name.

> So it gets back to my original question, which I have googled and
> can't see the answer: can I safely remove the line inside the newlist
> script which maps the list name to lowercase?

I don't think so.

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