[Mailman-Users] a few questions about the NNTP gateway

Barry Finkel b19141 at britaine.ctd.anl.gov
Wed Aug 22 16:55:46 CEST 2007

Barry Finkel ha scritto:
>> [...]
>> The patches were, for the most part,
>>> undocumented, so I had no idea exactly what they did.  Nor did I know
>>> if they would fit into the 2.1.9 source, as some of the patches were
>>> based on pre-2.1.5 code.
>> Manlio Perillo replied:
>>> This was unexpected!
>>> Do you have opened a bug report?
>> No, because
>> [...]
>>      2) I have no idea if there is a bug.  I

Manlio Perillo replied:
>Sorry for the late response.
>I think that the lack of documentation in the code can be considered a bug.

Then I would have to file a bug report on almost all of the
Debian/Ubuntu patches to Mailman.  I looked at them all, and I discarded
most.  I kept a few that were related to where libraries were put.
I was not interested in making source code modifications where
1) I don't fully understand the source that comes from SourceForge, and
2) there is no documentation as to what the Debian changes do.

It would be nice to know what each change does, but since I am
not installing most of them, it really does not matter.
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