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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Aug 23 02:36:39 CEST 2007

Nicoll, Alan wrote:
>We are migrating about 300 lists from majordomo to mailman and would like
>some help finding how to setup a few properties.  We've worked at this a
>while and been unable to find where/how to set these.  (See below for
>1.  We don't want any 'list owners' or 'moderators'.  Just we lucky few
>admins will run the lists.

You don't need 'moderators', but you do need 'owners'. Mailman sends
various notices to listname-owner and this is in turn forwarded to the
list owner address(es) which should be deliverable. Presumably the
owner(s) will be you few lucky admins.

>2.  We want the majority of the lists to be open for users to
>subscribe/unsubscribe without any passwords required.

I'm not sure what you really are asking. List members have passwords to
allow them to authenticate for things like visiting private archives,
changing user options and unsubscribing without confirmation, but if
they don't need to do these things, they don't need to know/use any

If you want users to be able to subscribe without confirmation, you
need to set


in mm_cfg.py and then set the list's Privacy options...->Subscription
rules->subscribe_policy to None.

Users cannot unsubscribe without either a password, a confirmation
email, or admin action.

>3.  We want the other very few lists to be setup so only the single list
>admin(s) adds and removes names from the list.

Set Privacy options...->Subscription rules->subscribe_policy to Require
Aproval and set Privacy options...->Subscription
rules->unsubscribe_policy to Yes to prevent users from (un)subscribing
themselves and then manage the membership via the admin Membership
Management...->Mass Subscription and Mass Removal pages or the
bin/add_members and bin/remove_members command line tools.

>4.  All of the lists are for broadcast only with the majority being used by
>automated processes that do not react nicely to bounces or other
>administrivia and are not members of each list.

for advice on one-way lists.

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