[Mailman-Users] simple newbie question re: Defaults.py

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Aug 29 23:54:15 CEST 2007

Gruver, Sandi sent the message below at 14:22 8/29/2007:
>Installed Mailman from rpm file.
>I do not see guidelines on where/how to configure mm_cfg.py.
>Is it to simply copy the lines needed from the Defaults.py file?
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There is nothing difficult about this. Most settings made in 
Defaults.py can be overridden in mm_cfg.py, those that cannot are 
appropriately labelled in the comments in Defaults.py.

To override a setting, copy the relevant line from Defaults.py and 
put it in mm_cfg.py, edit the setting as desired and save the file. 
When done, restart mailman.

Please be aware that some settings only apply at list creation and 
any lists created prior to the change in mm_cfg.py will not reflect 
those updates. In those cases you will either have to change the 
setting through the administrative interface or via a withlist script.


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