[Mailman-Users] Viewing Full Subscriber & Subscriber Security

Cyndi Norwitz cyndi at tikvah.com
Sat Dec 1 23:20:28 CET 2007

Hi, I'm new to the list, though I undoubtedly know some of you from other
list management lists.  I am in the process of migrating my mailing lists
from majordomo on a friend's server to mailman at sonic.net.

I have many questions which I haven't been able to answer by reading the
FAQ's.  Some are specific to Sonic most likely and I post those to the
Sonic usenet group for mailman, though it's a slow group.

My first question is about how to view my subscriber list.  It's not a
problem for the small lists.  I simply go to that page in the interface and
there everyone is.  

Unfortunately, once membership hits a certain level, mailman won't provide
the full list.  Now I have to look by letter.  So instead of viewing my
subscriber list in one fail swoop, I need to do it 26 times.

The FAQ taught me about the roster page, which is cool, but it just gives
the list of names, divided by regular and digest.  I can't do things like
page down to see who to unmoderate.  See:

Is there a way to see the entire membership list with all the interactive
boxes I get as an admin? 

Is this a setting on the ISP's end?  Can they make the option available?
or at least raise the threshhold for putting the list into letter-only

Then there is a security question.  When I got the roster (requiring no
password), each name on the list was clickable.  When I clicked on a name,
it took me to the subscription page for that person.  Without requiring a
password.  When I did it for my own name I figured that my password was
just in a cookie.  But it works for a random name too.

Of course, the roster page should be passworded too...is it really possible
for anyone to view my subscriber list?  Can those of you who don't have a
Sonic IP view it?  

The addresses may be changed so they're harder for spammers to harvest but
they're full addresses that can easily be changed to proper emails.  Like
with a lot of lists, there are problems with small-time spammers wanting
access to subscribers but we also have troublemakers.  I don't want my
subscribers' email addresses visible to anyone but me.  And the
subscription settings shouldn't be accessible to just anyone either.

Are there settings on my end that I need to re-do?  Are there settings on
Sonic's end?


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