[Mailman-Users] Not able to receive email from list

Chris Arnold carnold at electrichendrix.com
Mon Dec 3 23:00:32 CET 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> OK. So i think the situation is you have one box with Mailman and
> Postfix as the MTA. Outgoing mail from Mailman goes through this
> Postfix. Incoming mail to the lists.mytimewithgod.net domain goes to a
> different mailserver which relays it to Postfix on the Mailman/Postfix
> box.
> Have you ever looked in the admindb interface to see if there are held
> posts?
I have but do not see where to check for held posts?
> Can you send a post from outside to the list at
> lists.mytimewithgod.net, find the maillog messages on the 'mailserver'
> that say that post was relayed to the Mailman box and find the maillog
> messages on the Mailman box that say what was done with that message?
Yes, i see where, on the main mail server in its logs, connection
refused (SMTP port 25). So, it looks like my webserver is rejecting the
mailserver connection. In the webserver main.cf, i have mynetworks =, 192.168.sub.net, 192.168.sub.net

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