[Mailman-Users] Too many Bounce action notifications

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Dec 5 07:21:08 CET 2007

Vikram Goyal wrote:
>I maintain a medium sized mailing list (over 40000) to which a 
>newsletter is sent out every few weeks. Till recently, I had no 
>issues with this list, but after the last newsletter was sent 
>out, I have started receiving "Bounce action notifications" by 
>the truckload.

What are the list's bounce processing settings. It's possible that this is the
first time you had enough posts close enough together to reach the threshhold
for the truckload of undeliverable addresses on your list.

>Each of these is unique and the attached message contains the 
>list of addresses whose subscription has been disabled because of 
>excessive or fatal bounces. But there are a few problems:
>1. This is first time I am receiving these many bounce 
>notifications. In fact, these notifications have not stopped 
>coming since the newsletter was sent out.

Your system may be backlogged causing delays. You'd have to look at Mailman's
logs and queues to see what might be going on.

>2. I have set my bounce notifications to NOT be sent out to the 
>list owner.

Which one(s). These notices are controlled by bounce_notify_owner_on_disable.

>3. The web accessible Mailman is extremely slow to respond to any 

See 1. above. Also, if you have a processing backlog, there might be lock
contention slowing the web interface.

>Is there something here that doesn't seem correct? If I stop 
>mailman, I stop getting these notifications,

You just stop processing them, but they still get queued and processing
continues when you start Mailman again.

>but of course, that 
>is less than ideal situation. I am guessing, at some point these 
>notifications will stop, but why am I getting these notifications 
>now and never before?

See my first paragraph above.

>I have restarted Mailman several times to no avail. I am running 
>Mailman 2.1.9.

Restarting Mailman won't change this. If Mailman isn't running and a bounce
arrives, it is still queued and processed when Mailman starts again. If you
have any kind of backlog, stopping Mailman just makes things worse by delaying
processing further.

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