[Mailman-Users] password monthly reminder

Mohamed CHAARI mohamed.chaari at st.com
Wed Dec 5 16:50:54 CET 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Mohamed CHAARI wrote:
>> I would like to know what is the exact behavior of this option:
>> for example, as a list admin I have the 'reminder list flag' set to 'On' 
>> , then a member X set the 'reminder user flag' to Off ==> what are the 
>> consequences ? which flag override the other ?
> The user who sets reminder's Off doesn't get them. Others are not affected.
>> According to the doc, the user flag override the list flag, but in this 
>> case, I don't understand the usefulness of the reminder list flag: 
>> assume the list admin set the reminder list flag to 'Off', it has no 
>> impact because default reminder user flag is set to 'On' and users will 
>> continue to receive reminders ... do you confirm ?
> No. The doc is misleading. If the list option is Off, no one gets reminders
> regardless of user options. The user option only overrides the list option if
> the list option is On and the user option is Off.


>> I have another question: where is stored the subscriber options ? Are 
>> they in the Mailman DB/Conf files ?
>> For example, in config.pck conf file , I found the reminder list flag:
>> /usr/lib/mailman/bin/dumpdb /var/lib/mailman/lists/mylist/config.pck | 
>> grep reminder
>> 'send_reminders': 1,
>> but I didn't find the reminder user flag in this file.
> Assuming you have a standard Mailman without a custom MemberAdaptor, this same
> config.pck has a dictionary called user_options with user emails as keys and a
> number as the value. This number is a bit string that defines the user option
> flags. The bit definitions are in Defaults.py under the heading "Bitfield for
> user options".

thank you, it's very clear now.

--Mohamed CHAARI   (mailto : mohamed.chaari at st.com)

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