[Mailman-Users] Mailman with postfixadmin + postfix + mysql + dovecot + squirlmail

Richard Pyne rpyne at kinfolk.org
Fri Dec 7 08:32:54 CET 2007

I have set up a new mail server for a bunch of virtual domains using 
postfix, postfixadmin, dovecot, mysql, and squirelmail. Everything has 
been working fine for a couple of months.

Now I am trying to add Mailman to the mix.

I have Mailman installed and configured. Adding lists works and properly 
populates the virtual-mailman and aliases files as expected.

I have the maps specified in my postfix main.cf as:

alias_maps = hash:/var/mailman/data/aliases, hash:/etc/postfix/aliases
virtual_maps = hash:/var/mailman/data/virtual-mailman, 

Everything looks good until I try and send an email to a list. Everything 
bounces with a user unknown. It looks like all of the mailman virtual 
domains are being translated to the machines default domain.

For example:

<testlist at email-coop.com> (expanded from <testlist at freeutah.org>):
unknown user: "testlist at email-coop.com"

In this case, testlist at freeutha.org is the list on the virtual domain and 
email-coop.com is the real domain of the server.

Any help in getting Mailman to work in this setup will be greatly 


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