[Mailman-Users] Non-member posters - receive copy oftheir email as confirmation?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Dec 7 23:21:24 CET 2007

Charles Marcus wrote:

>Mark Sapiro, on 12/7/2007 4:33 PM, said the following:
>> Here's what I would do.
>> Make them list members with delivery disabled, password reminders off
>> and a random password.
>> Set them to receive acknowledgement of posts.
>> Then they won't receive any posts from the list, but they will be able
>> to post and will receive acknowledgement from the list that their
>> posts were accepted.
>Hey! Hmmmmm, let me think about this... Yes, I think this will work! 
>Oh... wait...
>How would this work in conjunction with the new functionality provided 
>by this patch:
> > I think you mean
> > http://tinyurl.com/3xxdhk
> > This patch allows specifying the name of a list (say list2) in list1's
> > accept_these_nonmembers so that members of list2 can post to list1
> > even if they aren't members of list1.
>Would I be able to set up a 'vendors' list, that just acts as a 
>container for all of the vendors, set each members options as you 
>described above, then put this list name in the other lists 
>'accept_these_nonmembers' field, and have it 'just work'?

No. That won't work. For the above to work, the vendors have to
actually be members of the list they are posting to.

I also just realized that a 'vendor' who is a member of a list can
request a password reminder, and can thus get her/his password and
change options.

>Remember, the 'vendors' list will not be a functioning list - the 
>members of that list will be posting to one of two other lists, each of 
>which expands to about 4 lists total internally - my lists are nested, 
>by the way - some contain only other lists as members, some contain a 
>mix of lists and individual members.

Since you are already using 'umbrella' lists, what if the vendor list
were a super-umbrella. Maybe this requires multiple vendor lists in
your case, but it's a thought.

Also, the new sibling list feature in Mailman 2.1.10 might be useful in
this regard. The vendor list could have the 1 or 2 umbrella's in its
'regular_include_lists'. Then posts addressed to the vendor list will
go to the members of the include lists too. It's kind of the other
side of the accept_these_nonmembers coin. You can think of it as a
better way to do umbrella lists, but you still have the issue that a
vender list membor can probably obtain his/her password and enable
delivery, but at least he/she only gets vendor list posts (that still
may be bad).

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