[Mailman-Users] How to stop spam emails

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Dec 10 08:57:44 CET 2007

Cyndi Norwitz writes:

 > This will not work in my situation for more than a certain percentage of my
 > non-member posts.  The details aren't important (to this list anyway).

Sure, but you're being nibbled to death by mice.  Everything that you
can offload onto other people is more time for you to spend on the
service you want to provide.  In my personal experience that "works"
in the sense that a number of people do go to the trouble to save me
time, and some even express gratitude for the chance to help.  YMMV,
of course.

 > False positive means it's legit mail that is in my spam folder.  Using my
 > ISP's defaults.

Well, those defaults are not well-tuned to your list.  (You obviously
know they're not working; my point is that there's a very good chance
that they can be tuned a *lot* better.)  Timing is up to you, but my
advice is to get in touch with your ISP early and often and see if
they'll give you some access to tuning SA (SpamAssassin) scores for
rules that give you a lot of false positives, and to training SA's
adaptive filters against a pile of your list mail.

BTW, I see that you have checked for SA headers in your list mail and
not found them.  If they're using something else, a lot of what has
been said about SA applies to most filter software to some degree.
And if they're not using anything, the sooner they start, the better
for everybody.


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